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Relaxation from School

Have you ever just wanted to escape from school and get away for a week to a nice calm relaxing place? Spring Break is coming up on March 16, for South. Spring Break is a time where most families get to travel and get away from all the daily nonsense they

Spring Break Exclusives

It’s about that time again: time for everyone to pack their bags and travel elsewhere for 10 days. Spring Break has always been something people look forward to during second semester. It helps people relax, gain some free time back, and helps them sort everything out before things get too

Home is Where the BBQ is

Florida, The Bahamas, and California are all among some of the most popular vacation spots for Spring Break each year. However, most people do not get the chance to travel around for this short break from school. This does not mean that they don’t get to enjoy their time off,

What Should You Do Over Spring Break?

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Speeding into Spring Break

The week that every student looks forward to. The five days of bliss that every student cherishes the most. Spring Break. The two words, eleven letters, that bring so much happiness to every heart and soul. Well, as long as you aren’t a parent that has a kid in elementary

Spring break at PHS

There are many things to do during Spring Break, like sleeping,sitting on your phone, playing xbox or even hanging out with your friends or a sport. Some students at South said they would rather sleep than hang out with friends. ”In some cases I'd rather sleep than hang out with friends because my

Spring Break at South

Spring break is a highly anticipated vacation for some students roaming the halls at South. It’s a time where you can go on exotic vacations, visit family or just relax at home. Spring break is the second longest break during the school year, this means South students and staff get a

Spring Breakers

Spring Break is a time to take a break from the hardships faced during school. Some people stay home to spring clean others leave the state on vacations whether you are skiing on the mountains, laying on the beach, or doing the dishes Spring Break is a time to enjoy.