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“Fake News”

A 425-pound teacher was suspended for sitting on her student and flatulating in his mouth. In October a 26-year old disconnected her grandfather's life support to plug in her phone. Morgan Freeman said that former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton should be jailed to restore public faith in the United States

Renaissance Woman

I first met Abby when our bus driver in first grade had to assign the new girl a seat. Turns out it was right next to me! She sat down and I said, “Well I guess we have to be best friends now,” She shrugged her shoulders and nodded, and

The Case of the Language Frenzy

There are many things of worth in life and to Lilit Zadoyan, junior, family is one of them. Zadoyan comes from an Armenian-American family and her native language is Armenian. Armenia borders Turkey and is near the Caspian of the Black Sea. “Family get togethers happen all the time, like

The Dreadful Awakening

There have been a ridiculous amount of research projects trying to help the sleep deprived students and teachers, but nothing ever changes. School starting so early in the morning only has negative effects on students, teachers and sometimes even parents. It has been proven that school starting so early actually hurts

A STUCO Fresh(men) Start

New faces, new name, new class, new fresh start. South STUCO says goodbye to tradition and hello to the idea of change. They call this change Emerging Leaders 1 and 2. Emerging Leaders 1 was based of the concept of the once formed Civil Leadership course. It is used as prerequisite to