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Driving in the Snow

At this time of the year, snow is more common in Kansas City, the roads start to get really bad and lots of accidents occur. If you have a car and you live in Kansas City, you exactly how it is driving in these conditions in the winter, especially when it

Valentine’s Day Variety

Valentine’s Day is different for everybody. Some people spend this day loving their significant other, and appreciating their friends. This day can also be upsetting for some. Makayla Gaddis, sophomore, is spending her Valentine’s Day eating chocolate and taking a bath. “A relaxing day with self love,” she said. According to

Arod Profile

Alex Rodriguez, junior, is a very talented baseball player here at south. Rodriguez was a great part to the team with only being a sophomore and with Ryan Hagen graduating, he will see a lot more playing time. “Ever since I was five I have loved the game and always

The Life of Muna Osman

Park Hill South is full of many diverse people that are able to express their individuality without the feeling of being judged by other students, not only that, PHS does a great job of having different clubs for the many students who want to find someone who is similar as