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How to Sleep in Class

You probably have a million exams and finals coming up, so you try to stay up late and do something, but always end up watching YouTube videos until 3 A.M. If you can not pay attention in class, because you’re tired, and 30 minutes of nap time is all you need, this guide is for you.

Disclaimer: The View is not responsible for your consequences if you get caught. This article is for entertainment purposes only.

“Basic” Technique

Materials: nothing

Risk: High

1. Place your elbow(s) on the desk

2. Place your hand on your forehead

3. Zzz…




“Laptop lover” Technique

Materials: Laptop

Risk: Medium

1. Place your laptop in front of you

2. Zzz….





“Cool kid” Technique

Materials: Sunglasses

Risk: Medium

1. Wear sunglasses

2. Sit up straight like you’re looking at your teacher

3. Zzz….




“I think I’m sick *cough cough*” Technique

Materials: Great acting skills

Risk: High

1.Tell your teacher you have a headache

2. Cough really loud two or three times

3. Ask if you can go see the nurse





“Note-taking” Technique

Materials: Notebook and writing utensils

Risk: Medium

1. Put your notebook in front of you with pencil in hand

2. Pretend you’re taking notes

3. Zzz……




“Bad day” Technique

Materials: nothing

Risk: High

1. Cover your eyes with your hands, like you’re crying.

2. Zzz…





“Googly eyes” Technique

Materials: Googly eyes

Risk: High

1. Close your eyes

2. Put googly eyes on top of your eyes

3. Zzz…




“Fake eyes” Technique

Materials: Sharpie

Risk: Medium

1. Close your eyes

2. Ask your friend to draw eyes on top of your eyes

3. Zzz…




“You know what?” Technique

Materials: nothing

Risk: Very high

1. Zzz…