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Photography Basics

      Photography, whether you believe it or not, has become a huge part of our lives with constant Instagram posts, Facebook updates, snapchat stories, and other social media. We are constantly taking videos and pictures everywhere we go. whether you are using a cell phone, snap and shoot, DSLR, SLR or a film camera there are things that you can learn to help you make those photos better.

     One problem with today’s social media’s post updates is exposure. A Lot of photos i’ve been seeing are over exposed or under exposed meaning they either have to much light or too little. When using a phone you don’t really have to worry about the exposure considering it is automatic much like snap and shoots. For DSLR, SLR and film cameras this is what can make or break a photo; to much light will make things to bright and will block out details and under exposing will make things too dark to see. How do we fix this? ISO and shutter speed is your answer. ISO is what controls how much light enters your light box a higher ISO lets more light in (for dark venues) and a lower ISO lets less light in (for lighter venues). It is ok to be slightly over and under exposed this can be good for editing later and which one you do is really determined by what you want. Slightly under exposing gives you room to lighten the photo and make color pop a lot. for example this photo is a slightly under exposed photo that I took it has dull colors and is dark.
 and this photo is the after editing version. It is brighter but just the right brightness and the color pops making it a good photo. slightly Overexposing sets you up for really nice black and white photos or lots of contrast in your photos. for example this photo is before editing and the brights are too bright.

but it set me up for a great black and white photo with lots of contrast. this photo is the version after editing.

     Another problem I see when going through my Instagram feed is camera angles and rules of thirds. The rule of thirds is pretty simple when taking a photo you want you main subject on either side of the photo in the last third of the photo this grabs peoples attention and makes for a great (and simplistic) composition. As for angles tilting your phone for a photo doesn’t make the photo look any better in actuality it complicates the photo if you want a photo with a clear message and a to be simple for people to see it’s easier try to keep things horizontal (landscape) or vertical (portrait) instead of crooked.

     Photography is becoming more and more of a constant in our lives as the world is diving deeper and deeper into technology and we want to have cool content on our Instagram pages and Facebook walls picking up more tips on photography is the best way to do that.