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Cannoli Craze

I’ve been a cannoli lover for as long as I can remember, eating them all around KC and my Italian household.  

Recently, I found a new favorite spot: Mike’s Pastries in Boston, Mass.  Other than being approximately 22 hours from Kansas City, and a little too small in the interior’s size, my family and I really enjoyed the shop in the North End Italian district.  

This area of the Boston has tons of Italian restaurants, including Mike’s, which has pretty much every type of Italian sweet you can think of.  When you walk into the pastry shop, the smell of cannoli shells and sweet treats fill the air. It’s truly a great atmosphere, and made me feel like I was in Italy.  

We didn’t get the chance to try all 18 cannoli flavors or practically 50 cookie types, but we did eat some of the delicious classics.  Splitting everything with my family, my personal favorite would have to be the oreo cannoli; it was a classic shell with regular vanilla filling, and the tips of the filling were coated in oreo cookie crumbs.

My mouth is watering just writing about it now.  We also tried an exceptionally tasty tiramisu, classic cannoli which has a vanilla/cream like flavor, italian cookies such as chocolate dipped biscottis and lobster tails.  No, the lobster tails aren’t actually seafood, just a shell in the shape of a lobster with cream in the middle. Our food comas immediately followed.

In review, Mike’s is the best specialized dessert place I’ve ever been to.  Everything was to die for, and I’d give the place a 9.5/10. It was so crowded we could barely stand in the place!  It was for sure an experience that I’d do over and over again if we had one here.