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This is the time of year where expectations meet reality. This is when all the hard work and dedication finally pay off. It’s where sweat, blood, and dirt all come into play at one time.


It’s baseball season everyone, and it’s coming up fast.


For some athletes, baseball is a life passion. It’s something that means the world to them and even replaces family.


For ball players like Dylan Owens, sophomore, who plays South Varsity baseball, it is family to him.


Owens said, “Baseball is, and will always be something I love. I have fun doing it, and it’s a very easy sport to get into.”


Many baseball players at South believe that they will do very well this year. Kris Davis, Senior, believes that they will have a great season.


He said, “I feel like we are gonna secure the bag this season. We have an amazing player in each position and a very strong pitching core. We can hit, field and run the bases than any other team in the area.”


Davis believes that this is the season for South and that they have a chance to show how powerful they truly are.


Other players like Stephen Personelli, senior, and Jack Beuerlein, Senior, believe that the season is “already in the bag.”


Beuerline said, “We were really good last year, and with the addition to our pitching staff and our new sophomores coming up. I think we really have a chance to go somewhere this year.”


Baseball is a time where the sun shines, the dirt on the field twists into tornadoes all around the diamond. It’s where cuts and bruises are known. Let the sun shine, and let wind blow, because it’s the season of Rings ladies and Gentlemen!