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School Lunches

As the bell rings for lunch the time every students anticipates for every day is here. But is school provided lunch really the best option both nutritionally and price wise?

Here at South, students see some of the same and new options daily at the cafeteria. These different options range from $2.85 to $3.35 which is increased by 10-20 cents since last year.

While schools try to provide the best tasting lunches that meet requirements, they aren’t always the best tasting.

Junior Fedo Manning said, “The lunches around here aren’t always the best but there are some meals I do enjoy.”

Since this is Manning’s first year at South, he was able to compare with his past schools.

He said, “I’ve been to a couple different private and public high schools and lunches at private schools are way different they come in more quality but you lack the options and choices of a public high school.”

While South might not always have the best meal options they always have insure to have a selection of different cold meals and sandwiches students have the option to purchase. They also offer a variety of chips, cookies, drinks, fruit and other options which, on the flip side, students must pay extra for.

Freshman Matt Riekhof said, “I think South does a better job of offering a selection compared to Lakeview. The only bad part about a lot of the selection you have to pay extra for which is sometimes and issue for students on free and reduced lunch.”

Another issue students see in school lunches would be the serving size of the lunches, as the only difference in between an elementary student and high school student chicken nuggets serving would be the high school student gets one more nugget.

Junior Andre Anderson said, “ I think the amount of food we get is the biggest issue. Only five chicken nuggets isn’t enough food for many growing teens and then if they want more they get an up-charge for their second lunch and any sides with it. At that point a student is speeding $5-10 a day and might as well go somewhere they enjoy the food and where one meal will fill them up.”

With school lunches being something that comes along with school it will always be a very debatable and changing topic in today’s world. And while many argue if you don’t like the school lunches why not just bring a lunch from home?