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Rex is Out!

As of March 13th, this morning, Rex Tillerson the former Secretary of State under President Donald Trump, has been relieved of his duties of Secretary. This was was tweeted this morning, un-diplomatically. The tweet stated “Mike Pompeo will be our new Secretary of State, he will do a great job, thanks to Tillerson for his service.”

     Republicans, and democrats in Washington were blindsided by this firing. No one saw it coming, especially as suddenly as it did. This has left the American public confused as to why this is happening.

     Simply put, Tillerson was at odds with other White House officials, and the President himself on key foreign issues, which is currently the public reason as to why he has been let go. Tillerson knew about his firing at dawn shortly after he returned from a trip to five African countries, however policy makers, and sources didn’t know it was this imminent.

     Yesterday during a press briefing at the White House, a reporter was berated, for suggesting that Tillerson was at odds with The White House officials. That’s how quiet this situation was kept by the administration.

     Now what is the strategy behind this move? A lot of people are smart enough to know there was a reason for this, quick, and random firing, and it is not a coincidence that it comes right after North Korea said they were willing to meet with President Trump.

     IF a meeting is held between Kim Jong-Un, and President Trump, the last thing Trump needs is one of his key team members to not be on the same page as him going into historic meetings, and negotiations.

     Rex Tillerson was the former CEO at oil giant Exxon Mobil. He was placed in his position due to good relationships between middle eastern countries, and Russia, due to his company’s extensive efforts to explore for oil in both regions. However, Tillerson’s distance from Trump was obvious when Trump accepted an invitation to meet another diplomat which came as a surprise to Tillerson.

     The idea of bringing business moguls such as Tillerson faded as soon as he was faced with tons of diplomatic issues that to Tillerson were hard to face, and handle. The transition was not easy, nor was the job. However disagreement with President Trump were what led to the demise of Tillerson as head of state.