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March Madness

Have you ever watched an NCAA March Madness Basketball game? It’s where blood is shed, glory is exposed, skill is shown and where upsets are known. It’s March everyone!


NCAA’s March Madness is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, moments of the year for certain people, especially the ones playing in the Division I Tournament. Some kids prepare their lives for moments like this. Some train so hard that they push hard enough to get past March Madness and into the NBA.


South Students like Justin Harrison, freshman, have supported a single team their whole lives during March Madness.


“I support Kansas because they are my favorite team and I grew up watching them play,” he said. “I think Kansas will win the tournament because they are a young and talented team.”


Harrison is a very committed Kansas fan who believes that they truly have the chances of going all the way for glory in March. Kansas has won the Big 12 Conference and set the record for winning their league 14 times in a row.


Others like Alex Rodriguez, junior, believe that this year there have been so many upsets that he truly doesn’t know who will win the tournament this year.


“It could be any team. There is really no power house team this year, but if I had to choose a team I would go with Duke. They are a very young and skilled team who can really run the floor and shoot,” says Rodriguez.


One of the most exciting things to watch is seeing a number 15 seed upset a number 2 seed.


Rodriguez said, “I like seeing big teams be upset by smaller teams. It always makes me laugh seeing other peoples brackets get busted.”


Others like Brock Ivy, Sophomore, just like competing in the Bracket Busting competition.


Ivy said, “My favorite part of March Madness is making brackets and competing them to beat my friends and family.”


March is the time where people show their emotions toward their favorite colleges, favorite players and where even money is made. I know as a kid after I would watch a March Madness game on TV, I would go and change into the teams colors I just watched.


Many kids prepare for moments like D1 college players experience every year. So many upsets, so many tears, and so much blood all for a sport that you truly love. It’s March Madness Baby!