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Lil Boat 2 Review

Lil Yachty’s career is opposite than most rappers. He started out with a sound that was well recognized on the original Lil Boat album. While it was not a “masterpiece”, it definitely delivered someone unique hits. The most important part was that it was such a fun album. It had some good summer bops. His songs, Minnesota and One Night both had the most hits on the album. After Lil Boat, Yachty had some more super popular hits after that, like his feature in Ice Tray by Migos, and Peek A Boo from Teenage Emotions.

Everyone was expecting the Lil Boat 2 to be similar to the first, but a lot of people felt as if it was repetitive and seemed as if he was trying to jump off of Migos’ style. It contained almost no direction, and most importantly, no originality. It seemed like it didn’t even have the same original sound from his first two projects, and he was trying to do just too much which made it overdone.

However, the one song I really liked a lot was the final song, 66 ft. Trippie Red. This one was a lot more airy than the other songs. Trippie Redd brought in a pleasant melody that made the whole song flow really well. I think that if more people listened to this song, then the stream numbers will be ridiculous. He ended with a bop, and you should always end with a bop.

Now that this album is out, it’s only a matter of time before he makes some more features, singles, or another album. Hopefully next time he is more original.