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Weave Your Web

Spiders will spend an hour averaged building a simple web for them to reside on. And these webs are everything to them. They catch their food, rest, and simply call them home for as long as they can.

Nobody likes to talk about spiders. They have too many legs and too many eyes and if somebody told you that you and spiders have something in common, you would be utterly confused. Well, get ready to be confused.

A spider builds its web the same way you build your life. They put as much care into the placement, the structure, and the strength of their web that you put as much care into who you hangout with, the choices you make, and the way you structure your life.

Now we all know that when a web is ruined for a spider, they can rebuild it. Every day can be sunny and bright for a long time. And then, without warning, it rains. It sprinkles, and then it pours. Life is the same way for you. It can be radiant, sunny, for days, maybe weeks. And then it rains.

You’ll always hear there are things in life we can’t change. They are unpredictable. And yet even when you can see the storm coming, we are never prepared for the damage. But just like the spider, you can rebuild.

Life is not ruined when it rains. Even when it rains harder., failure can’t always be avoided, nor is it a fixed condition either. You choose your life and you choose how to cope. You can’t choose what happens to you all the time. But that doesn’t mean you can’t weave your way through it. It will take time, and it will take healing, but it can be done.