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Emotion in Movies

Movies open up all kinds of emotions for all kinds of people. You can laugh like you’ve never laughed before at “21 Jump Street”, cry a river of tears while watching “The Blind Side”, or cheer at the feats of Indiana Jones.

These movies all bring up emotions, and each of these movies fall into specific categories called genres.

“I watch a wide variety of movies, I don’t discriminate film,” said sophomore Ben Knitting. “But if I had to pick a favorite it’d probably be horror because I love to be scared.”

Often people will favor one genre of movie because of the emotions they evoke. Some prefer comedies, others like dramas, it all comes down to personal preference, but one thing stays the same: people enjoy their movies.

“What I like about comedies obviously is how funny they can be,” said sophomore Taylor Hannah. “It allows people to escape their lives for a while and just enjoy the laughs.”

Films are often a huge part of a person’s life, from helping you learn lessons at a young age with great flicks from the likes of Pixar and Dreamworks, to learning the harder lessons of life as adults in movies like “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.”

Films help define a person, and your favorite movie can tell a lot about you.

“I think my favorite movie right now is ‘Baby Driver,’ the new one by Edgar Wright,” said sophomore Tristan Bramlett. “It’s an action comedy that centers around music, and it really resonates with me because music is a huge part of my life. The action genre is probably my favorite because of the thrills that it ensues. I love seeing a character I relate to on screen do larger than life things.”

The mix of genres like in Bramlett’s case happens very often; this can even further the experience for most people because they can get a mix of both. This can even give an extra layer of emotion for viewers that enjoy multiple genres of film and the confliction of those emotion can make a film seem even more complex.