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An Insight on German Club

The amazing friends people find in their years of high school have come from many different opportunities provided by the school. This includes many clubs, such as German Club.
Connor Willis(Junior) said, “I’m just in love with it. I love German club. The people who are in German club, we’ve been together since our sophomore and junior years and I walk into my classroom and think, ‘these are my people’ that I come and see every day and we all just have so much fun.”
It has been shown that a family can truly be created from nearly any club, sport or other extracurricular activity. People have come to love more and more activities and are able to make even more friends and tend to love their school environment more.
Christine Schulze(Senior) said, “I joined sophomore year because my friends all told me to and I wasn’t even that thrilled about it but then I joined and it was so much fun, actually.”
The club meets twice a month on the first and third Wednesdays of the month. The members have said they wish they could meet more often. The club, unfortunately, is lacking some members and wishes to recruit more as the years go by.
Hailey Wewers(Junior) said, “I wanted to meet more people who were learning German so that I had more people to talk to. My family has a direct line to Germany so I started learning German so that I could read my great grandparents writings.”
This shows that German Club involves more than just fun and provides a little bit of education along with it.