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“Thank You For Your Service” is Worth the Watch

If you plan on watching a heartfelt movie anytime soon, I would recommend “Thank You For Your Service.”

The movie follows a group of soldiers that return to the U.S. after serving in Iraq. The film realistically portrays the struggles that our troops face when it comes to integrating back into their family and civilian lives.

I believe that this film does a fantastic job of depicting the struggles that our heroes face even when they are home, and that this film will help everyday people understand the post-traumatic stress that threatens destroy our troops even after they have left the battlefield.

Although Sgt. Adam Schumann, played by Miles Teller, is the lead role within the movie, the director did a great job splitting time between each soldier and covering their stories without amplifying one over the others.

The director, Jason Hall, sets a sort of dark and eye opening tone throughout the dramatic biography that separates itself from other war movies by not only focusing on action packed firefights within the actual war, but by showing the effects and the toll that those battles take on the brave men that fight for our country.

The film also does a fantastic job using jump scares and hallucinatory imagery to indicate post-traumatic stress for each of the soldiers who have returned home.

The movie stayed on track with its main focus the entire time, and did a good job of not dragging on by having a run time of just over an hour and 45 minutes.

Overall, I would have to give “Thank You for Your Service” a thumbs up, and would recommend for everybody to check it out.