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South Side Captain Kinnedy May

Everyone hears about the Friday night lights, the touchdowns and the boys of fall, but who are the faces cheering them on?

The South Dance Team, The South Side Girls, cheers on everyone from the football boys to the girls playing volleyball. Although they aren’t always recognized as a sport, they perform at assemblies, games and go to State and National competitions.

Who organizes this and leads this group of girls? Junior Kinnedy May is captain of this team.

Sophomore Icil Gittings said, “She has shown great leadership and has brought a positive vibe to the team. She is always there for everyone when they need it.”

The South Side Girl team members agree that May has a personal connection with all the team members and makes an effort to bring all the girls together. The team has sleepovers and team dinners all the time. Considering dance team is year round, the girls agree that it is very important for them all to be close friends and get along.

“My goal is to bring the girls together as one, do well at State and Nationals, and to have a blast,” said May.

The dance team will be going to NDA Nationals in March which is in Orlando, Fla. May is working to get the team ready for the competition. She runs practices, helps organize performances and plans team events. May said that sometimes she feels like “the bad guy” but tries to do what’s best for the whole team.

“Kinnedy has pushed us to our limits in a good way and really motivated the team,” said freshman Maddie Winkler.

May does her best to lead the team and do what she feels is right for everyone. Whether it’s under the stadium lights or on the gym floor, May pushes the team to cheer on the school and dance their best at every practice and performance.