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New look at the K


The grounds crew at Kauffman Stadium is making big changes for the upcoming season. They are redoing the whole field and taking it apart. The K now is just a giant field of dirt. The K is not looking as good as it normally does at the moment, but when March 27th, 2018 comes around, it’ll be lookin as good as ever.

Crew members are working on the first major field renovation since Kauffman Stadium switched to natural grass during the 1955 season. Many fans will not notice much of a difference, but the players will with the new grass. The field last year could only drain about five inches of rain per hour. Normally a field will drain about 20 inches an hour.

New lights are being installed in the K too. The 600 halide lights at the K are being replaced with 412 LED lights that come on with a push of button. On cloudy days the umpires would ask for the lights to be on, it would normally take 15-20 minutes for the lights to come on, but not anymore.

The Royals are now able to flash the lights if someone homers or they win. This will give a better and more entertaining look after exciting plays. The new LED lights should be completely installed by the end of the year and Royals organization members are saying that they should see energy savings of nearly 30 percent.