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Culture Fair

On Monday, November 20, and Tuesday, November 21, students met in the library to learn about world cultures – from other students. Either students from certain places presented booths, like Jazeel Banton, sophomore, who moved here from Jamaica, or students who had an interest in a certain place had booths, like Spanish Club and the Muslim Student Alliance.

Bashar had a booth on Jordan. He moved here less than a month ago from Jordan, and was thrilled to get the chance to talk about his home. He had on traditional jordan clothes, and a scarf that had the Jordan flag on it. He speaks Arabic and is doing his best to improve his English. A couple weeks ago, his bus was late so he decided to walk to school.

Ian Enyeart, sophomore, had a booth on Italy. He taught himself Italian a couple years ago through Rosetta Stone and has been going to Italian immersion camps up in Bemidji, Minnesota.

There was an abundance of wonderful food and music – german chocolate cake, coconut rolls from polynesia, vegetable stir fry from Japan, tea from Somalia, and ukelele music. The second day, there were so many people they had to stop allowing people to come.