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Trump Participates in Hurricane Maria Cleanup

A week ago, President Trump lifted the Jones Act, which required all products sent to Puerto Rico to be shipped on American boats.

Trump has received much criticism on how he has handled the relief efforts to Puerto Rico so far, critics claiming his administration is not doing enough to help. To this criticism, Trump responded, “It’s tough, because it’s an island.”

However, headway has been made to cleanup Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Almost half of the residents have drinking water back, and half of the roads are now clear.

Nevertheless, more progress needs to be made – and fast. Only 9 of the 69 hospitals on Puerto Rico are connected to the electric grid, and roughly 60% of the supermarkets are open. Considering the hurricane hit over a week ago, these statistics can look bleak. To help, donate to

When Trump visited Puerto Rico earlier this week, he called Hurricane Maria “not a real catastrophe like Katrina,” and said Puerto Rico has thrown the budget “out of whack.” Additionally, Trump attacked Carmen Yulin Cruz’s response to Hurricane Maria, after she criticized the federal government’s response.

Trump also threw paper towels into the crowd during the press conference in Puerto Rico, which has caused quite a stir.