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Three Strikes- Softball’s out

One team gathered in the locker room feeling tired and disappointed. Their uniforms were covered in dirt and sweat. They all knew that their season was over.

South’s Softball season came to an end two weeks ago after the Varsity team’s loss against Oak Park in the first game of districts.

“Last year at Districts, we lost the first game and this year I hoped it would be a different story,” said senior Taylor Johnson.

Going into the game, most of the girls were confident that their team would be able to get the dub and advance.

“We had all the confidence in world because we knew that we were a way better team,” said sophomore Meggen Keller.

South was ahead 5-0, but by the time the beginning of the sixth inning came, Oak Park pulled ahead 5-12. South was still able to come back a little. During the bottom of the seventh inning South had the tying run on second base, but Oak Park‘s center fielder was able to catch the last out. The final score was 11-12.

“Disappointment and embarrassment more so than anything are the words I would use to described how I felt. That was a team we should always win against. I think we went in too overconfident which was on the reason we lost,” said sophomore Chan’tice Phillips.

Keller thinks the reason the team lost was due to the coach’s calls.

“Coach Walker waited too long to take the pitcher out. We were winning 5-0. After they scored 12 runs on us, he took her out. But damage was already done,” said Keller.

Even with the disappointing loss at Districts, South’s softball team had a winning record this season. They also had a tournament in Joplin filled with team bonding experiences like scavenger hunts and going to Coach Schneider’s farm.

“The Staley game was a fun one because we beat Staley. That’s not suppose to happen. The chances of us beating them were slim and we did,” said Phillips.

This year was especially special to Johnson, who was the only senior on the team.

“She has brought so much leadership to this team,” said Keller.

They might not have a trophy to hold when the look back on the season, but they do have a lot of memories. That same team gathered in the locker room and were not only sad because of the loss, but because the times they would miss spending together.