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Students Outraged about Having School On Halloween

Having school the day of and the day after Halloween has people furious this year.  Already, high schoolers are complaining and working together to do whatever is possible to get at least one of the days off for Halloween.

 This is no new argument, either. Last year a petition for no school the day after Halloween was created by a group of Park Hill South students and was signed with good reason from all grades.  

“The next time Halloween is on a weekend I will be in college and it won’t matter nearly as much,” sophomore Claire Hoy said.

Hoy explained how in college you make more of your own decisions, but while in high school you are under your parents roof and follow their rules.  High school students won’t be able to have the high school Halloween experience every kid dreams about having when they are older and in their high school years.  

“I used to dress up, go out and trick or treat right after school, come home eat my candy and sleep,” sophomore Christopher Rouse said.

Halloween changes drastically from when you are a kid to when you are a young adult.  High school kids are more likely to go out later and stay out longer.  On the other hand, little children go out fairly early and come in after getting cold also very early.

“I have fun in anything I do and will make the best of the night for however long my parents will let it last” Hoy said. “I will definitely not be doing any schoolwork that night.”