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One Sleepy Situation

Have you ever walked into a classroom and seen a student in a deep slumber on a desk? That’s exhibit A on why students don’t get enough sleep–they take time out of their school day to catch some much needed Z’s.


With the start time  of 7:30 a.m. that South has some students believe that they just don’t have enough time in the day to be productive during the day, get homework done and get enough sleep to survive the onslaught of school the next day.


Junior Bre Gray said that she can’t get all her after school activities done and get to sleep at a decent time all in the same day.


“I went to school and had marching band. I went to work and was super tired and I kept messing up the codes at work. I had a friend stay the night, but we didn’t do anything because I just crashed,” said Gray.


Other students also believe that their outlook on school in general is negatively affected by the lack of sleep.


“I keep tripping in the hallway cause I’m so tired, it puts me in a really bad mood 98 percent of the time,” said junior Paige Deshova.


It’s not just school that is harmed by everyone running on fumes throughout the day though. Many students who have work or other important obligations after school feel that their presence is also affected.


“After school I go to work and I just feel like crap,” said junior Cooper Northrup. “My manager gets mad at me because I can’t give 100 percent effort into everything I do since I don’t have the fuel to get through the day!”


Arguably the worst ramification of the lack of sleep is the problems that arise with grades. Since students know they need sleep to be able to focus at school they’ll sometimes skip the homework in order to get to bet at a decent time. Some students even just skip certain classes in order to sleep in and get more energy for at least a couple classes.


“Sometimes I’ll have to decide whether or not I should even do my homework if it means staying up even later than I need to,” said Northrup. “If I stay awake and finish it, then I won’t be able to focus in my classes the way I need to. If I go to bed, then I’ll have to take a hit on the homework. Sometimes I’ll even try and take a quick nap during school to get those few minutes of bliss.”