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Favorite Candy during Halloween


When I’m watching my favorite Halloween movie and I have assorted candy next to me, I always am reaching for the Reese’s Cups. I think it’s the perfect blend between peanut butter and chocolate that makes it so good.

Reese’s are definitely the best candy, but if there isn’t any of them, I will always go for Kit-Kats. The good thing about Kit-Kats are that there is two sides, so it seems like there is more. I think it’s the texture that’s crunchy, perfectly light and crispy and a chocolate border that isn’t too thick.

Snickers are also on my top list. The crunchy texture with the peanuts added in makes it so much better. How could I also forget about the caramel on the top to finish it off. It’s a classic, how could you not like it.

Another one of my favorite classics are M&Ms. They are one of the best because it has so many of them in such a little bag. They last a long time and also have a nice choclety inside with a corn syrup and sugar outside.

Lastly the Hershey bars are very well too. These can also last a while and can be used to make s’mores. If you get a full size candy bar, that’s even better.

Now let’s talk about my least favorite. I hate to say it, but I strongly dislike candy corn. After eating it so much as a kid at school parties, it has finally landed in the worst candy section. Every year kids will either complain about them and throw them on the ground or they will eat the kid’s candy who don’t like them.

I also hate getting the little licorice packs that come in one. They are so hard to open and they usually taste stale. These also seem to be the ones left last in a bowl. It’s not that they aren’t bad, it’s that there is just better options.

Smarties also made the list because they seem to break and just turn into powder. They’re also just too sweet, hard, and chalky and my mouth can only handle a certain amount.

It seems that everything with chocolate in it, kids will like it. I love chocolate and those candies are my favorite too eat, especially during Halloween time.