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Calling All Students to Grinter’s Sunflower Farm

The Grinter’s Sunflower Farm is always a popular attraction for students at the beginning of Fall. Many students at Park Hill South have gone to see the flowers in their short season after blooming. People go to take pictures and enjoy the flowers.

The fields are owned by Kris and Ted Grinter. They opened them to the public when people showed interest in the flowers for taking pictures. They don’t charge for entry and only charge $1 per flower you take. They ask visitors to take their trash and respect the flowers.

The season for the sunflowers is late August and through mid September. The prime time for the flowers is only two weeks.

Some students said that they went to the farm to take family pictures. Others went with friends or just to enjoy the weather.

“My favorite part was picking out the petals and making a smiley face,” said sophomore Claire Hoy.

Freshman Maddie Winkler said she enjoyed the “bright colors.”

While most students find the experience very fun, many also find it to be cliche.

“Everyone goes and takes pictures and posts them on Instagram,” said Winkler.

Sophomore Luci Steele had a different outlook on the experience.

“It’s fun. Just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean it’s cliche,” Steele said.

Even the people that thought it was cliche felt that it was worth the experience. As sophomore Annie Woodson put it, “join the trend, man.”

Whether you find the fields of flowers cliche or a good way to get outside, many students recommend you go enjoy the sunflowers.