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A Shot into the World Cup

The men’s World Cup is something that nearly all soccer players have been waiting for. Since it only occurs every four years, the intensity will begin to pick up once 2018 rolls around.

It has been very well known that Germany plans on coming extremely far once again for they play an extremely well thought out passing game.

Christine Schulze, senior said “I love their playing style. It’s just beautiful soccer.”

Another big threat is Argentina for they placed second overall in the 2014 cup after nearly having to resort to penalty shoot out. Lionel Messi, the star player of Argentina is one that nearly all teams are on the lookout for and greatly intimidated by.

“Always look out for Messi. He’s always thinking on his feet. He has a good analysis of the field and I really appreciate the way he plays,” Kiana Fernandes, sophomore, said.

The most favored players have shown to be Manuel Neuer (German goalkeeper) and have high expectations from him. He played exceptionally in 2014 by saving very critical shots that could have affected their placing and is hoping to play even better than the last time. Messi has a huge chance receiving large awards such as the golden boot and/or golden ball.

However, according Schulze, she is hoping the Thomas Müller will be able to receive an award for he has played exceptionally well many years now and has contributed so much. Müller contributed to the 2014 World Cup with seven goals and many assists that lead up to goals.  

Susanne Schulze, sixth grader also has her eye on the German National team and is well aware of the enormous threat they are to the other countries. The long lasting rivalry of Argentina and Germany has built plenty of tension.

“They’ve knocked out Germany a couple of times and since I’m strong for Germany, Argentina against Germany was very intense and Argentina has a huge chance of winning this time around,” said Susanne.

There is plenty of hope that German National team will place well, however, it is not for certain whether it will be enough again to get them to the very top once more. As the battle continues on, more and more fans are getting extremely anxious about the outcome, but no matter what, they will always be rooting for the team they feel most connected to.