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An Insight on DCI

Hundreds of people jump up with a roar of applause following one last wall of sound that hits you in your chest and resonates within your soul.


    DCI (Drum Corps International) is a marching band competition that goes on every year. Many do not know what DCI is, but those who do, can’t get over it. DCI is a multiple hour long marching band competition that includes presentations of a numerous amount of marching shows.


    “I watch it every year. I think it’s very interesting and exciting. All the stuff going into it makes it more breathtaking to watch,” said junior Bre Gray.


More and more people are attending DCI performances every year. The popularity of marching band is ever increasing.


“Record-setting attendance throughout the season is an unmistakable sign of ever-increasing awareness of music education’s importance and growing support for performing arts across the country,” said DCI Executive Director and CEO Dan Acheson.


    As attendance levels rise, the bands have to keep things interesting to keep their fans. There are so many parts that go into marching shows. Such as color guard, band drill, music and props. They all tie into each other and make the performances so intriguing.


     “It’s so cool how they can like, move from set to set. The music is great, and if you’re as into music as I am, it’s everything. The color guard ties everything together and the way they fly the colors, makes everything look awesome,” said freshman Kristiana Wolfgeher.


    The color guard usually gets more visual attention than the actual band because their main job is to be bright and enhance the show.


    “It depends on the band or the theme. I find myself mostly watching the guard, I do prefer to watch the guard. It makes it easier to understand the concept of the show,” said Gray.


There are instruments in traditional marching bands that stick out more than others. Mostly in a band performance, the parts most heard are high brass and percussion. DCI though is made up of only brass and percussion.


“I love drumline, I love the way it makes you wanna move. It puts you in a good mood. Drumline alone is good, but with the whole band is just fantastic,” said Wolfgeher.


DCI competitions are amazing and a huge part of many peoples lives. It is a fun thing to watch and people look forward to getting to watch their favorite bands compete each year.