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Mike Leach Talks About What Matters: Bigfoot and Aliens

Yes. Hell yes. This is how you do journalism. This reporter could have asked about game plans, the expectations for the season, or the attitudes of the players. But no one wants the indifferent answers that you hear from a football coach that has been doing this for decades and only comes to the microphone to fulfill contractual obligations. You have the American treasure known as Mike Leach behind the microphone. Any reporter worth their salt knows what they have to do: they gotta ask about Bigfoot and Aliens.

I thank God, Allah, Tom Cruise, Shamu, whoever blessed us with the reporter that asked this question. Leach has been one of best, if not the best in the game for years now. Not at coaching, he’s fairly mediocre in that regard. But when put in front of a microphone or a camera, nobody puts on a better performance.

I have carefully crafted my top five Mike Leach moments. Enjoy.

  1. How he Picked Team Captains
  2. Fat Little Girlfriends Rant
  3. Dating Tips
  4. Mike Leach Does The Weather
  5. He Sleeps With a Viking Axe