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iPhone X-ceptional?

Apple is releasing the iPhone X on Sept. 22. The new iPhone will consist of new features like facial recognition, no home button, wireless charging and it is the celebration of Apple’s tenth anniversary of the iPhone.

Junior Paige Devosha had a strong opinion about the new facial recognition feature.

“The government is out to get us, man. If you think about it they know all your faces and it’s synced into the database and it’s creepy, it’s still dope, I like the thumbprint,” said Devosha.

Another thing people aren’t sure about is the elimination of the home button. One wary student was sophomore Cora Bennett.

“I don’t like the new screen, I like having a home button. It’s awkward without one,” said Bennett.

One new feature considered attractive by students is that the iPhone x is compatible with wireless charging.

“Wireless charging is dope, and it’s easy to not have to find the plug in especially in the dark and my phone is always dead so it would benefit me,” said  Bennett.

With these new features comes a large price tag of $1000 which many students aren’t willing to pay.

Junior Cooper Northrup was against this high price point.

“The iPhone X is too much, I’m not spending over $1000 on a phone. I could buy a new car for $1000 and I need a new car, not a new phone,” said Northrup.

Not too many people are interested in paying the large price tag this new phone costs.

“It doesn’t seem reasonable because it’s just a phone,” said Devosha.

However, she said she will probably still buy it because it’s such a status item.

She said, “I just want to be cool.”