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A Night to Never Forget

Homecoming, a night to never forget, a night of happiness, excitement and a whole lot of dancing!

On Sept. 16, South had their Homecoming, as kids from all over the city came to attend this great event.

Homecoming is always a great way to get to meet new people, have fun with your friends and shake it all out of you on the dance floor. Surprisingly, there’s much more to Homecoming than just going with your friends or date to dance.

First off, if you’re planning on taking a date with you to the dance, you must know how to ask them. Of course you could just ask them face to face if they want to go, but it is 2017 as a lot of people are being creative with the way they ask their dates.

Joe Inzenga, sophomore, said, “I used a sign to ask my girlfriend that said ‘I know you just got your hip fixed, but let’s break it down at HOCO.’”

Ryan Owens, sophomore, had another proposal plan.

He said, “I asked my girlfriend to HOCO by giving her a big teddy bear and a sign that said ‘We’re going to HOCO.’”

These ways to ask your date are very clever and fun, as people seem to get more creative each year.

When arriving to the dance, there are a lot of expectations each year, as people always expect to have a great time.

“I was expecting a fun time at the dance as it truly was,” said junior Gage Gordon. “It kind of met my expectations but the music could’ve been a lot better.”

Homecoming has always been a great way to meet new people, and make new friends. It’s also a way to get out with your friends and cut the rug! Homecoming will always be a great time for anybody that attends.