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Good Eats at South

It’s no surprise that eating out is very popular among South students. Eating out with friends after a big football game or study dates is definitely a favorite activity.

The fast food chains and sit-down restaurants in Parkville are mostly likely where you’ll teens hanging out at after school.

Luna Azteca and Culver’s, in Burlington Creek, are big hot spots for meet-up food dates.

“Luna Azteca is probably my go-to food place. I love the chicken soft tacos,” says sophomore Annie Saunders.

Burlington Creek is so close for South students, it’s an easy place to grab a quick bite to eat. The restaurants are very convenient and fast.

“I love Twisted Fresh, it takes like five minutes to get there and I know I’ll get my food fast,” says sophomore Madison Barton.

“Dominic’s is so good Italian, I love going,” says junior Sophie Fulton.

Of course students at South don’t only eat in Parkville. There is a lot more restaurants around Kansas City to go. Some of the most popular ones are Chipotle, Panera and places on the Plaza.

“I also really like Chipotle,” says Fulton.

“Eating on the Plaza is really fun because it’s not restaurants we go to everyday. Like the Cheesecake Factory,” says Barton.

It’s pretty evident students at South know their way around food in Kansas City. Whether it takes five minutes or 20 minutes, students are determined to get their favorite food.

What’s your favorite place to eat around Kansas City?