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Summer of Music in KC

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     The sweet season of summer: time where schools all across the nation break out into vacation and spend their time on the sand of beaches, outside enjoying the warm weather, or anything else to enjoy their break, instead of being held captive behind wooden school desks.
     While some lay on the poolside listening to their favorite artists on their iPhones, there are others out there who prefer to get down in the crowd and see their favorite artists, face to face instead of on their screens, in their favorite arenas and theaters right here in KC, summer being the perfect time for these events.
     “It’s really nice to have the vibe of summer and being outside while listening to your favorite music live,” said Claire Hoy, freshman, who is attending The 1975 concert at the Starlight outdoor theatre on May nine this summer.
     Hoy is attending the show with her friends who love The 1975, and has been listening to more of their albums in preparation for the show. She has only been to Starlight theatre to see a play, and said she is excited to see what a concert will be like at this “beautiful” outdoor location.
    “I just hope it doesn’t rain, because that would be a bummer, but hopefully the show would still go on,” said said.
      But not every show this summer is outdoors; many artists travel on their tours and perform at antique theaters downtown and all across Kansas City, like J.Cole who is performing at the Midland Theater June 11.
    “To me it really doesn’t matter where he goes, anywhere where J.Cole is performing is fine, as long I get to see him,” says Andrew Horton, freshman, who is attending the show in June.
      Horton has been a fan of J.Cole for as long as he can remember, and is making sure to see the show, no matter how expensive the tickets cost.
     “Oh yeah for sure,” Horton said. “It doesn’t matter how much they cost because it’s totally worth it.”
     Older bands are also making a big comeback this summer and performing at even bigger locations, like Queen with Adam Lambert who are coming to the Sprint Center Arena July nine.
     “I think that they’ll sound awesome in such a big arena, but no matter where they performed, I would make sure to get tickets since they’re such an iconic band,” says Stevie Williams, freshman.
     While some are excited for their beach vacations and days spent on the poolside, many  South students are excited for a different type of reason, involving their favorite band’s and favorite songs this summer.