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Dancing Her Worries Away

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   This year’s dance team had a very successful season finishing top five in the state. Though, the girls are going to lose some very talented seniors, there are still many dancers that can step up and take their roles. The senior dancers graduating are Allie Hickey, Maddie Guerra and Mckenna Webster.
   One dancer that can take an important role is Icil Gittings, she is very devoted to dance and spends about five hours per night practicing.
   She says that, “ It’s time consuming, but in the long run it is all worth it.”
   Gitting also dances at Jennifer’s Rising Dance Stars when she is finished with the South Side Girls. So each night she dances for South for about two hours and then goes to JRDS for another two and a half hours.
   Icil really loves dancing for South and her teammates that she dances with at South.
She said, “My favorite part about dancing is doing it with my best friends and the competition that comes with it.”
   Although she said she does get very nervous before dancing in front of the school at assemblies or even at games, she still goes out and performs her absolute best.
   Gittings said, “I am going to really miss the seniors because they are really good leaders and also good at dancing but I hope we get good freshman too.”
Although they are losing a lot of really talented seniors, South will also be receiving some talented freshman.
“We can possibly do better next year than we did this year,” Gittings said.
She also mentioned that dance means a lot in her life and she hopes to continue it for the rest of high school and possibly even throughout college.
Gittings also said, “I am really looking forward to my future dance career.”