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J. Cole V. Chance the Rapper


     Imagine this: loud music, people dancing and singing, crowds screaming and jumping, the bass vibrating through your bones. Who do you imagine singing at this hypothetical concert? Chance the Rapper or J. Cole?
     Both Chance and J. Cole are touring their newly released albums this summer, visiting a large variety of cities to sing for their fans. There has been some controversy throughout South about who is going to go to what concert.
     Andrew Horton, a freshman who is attending J. Cole’s concert, said, “I like J. Cole’s metaphors. He has a really good vocabulary and he speaks from the heart. Chance is good but J. Cole has been rapping longer, and he is wiser.”
     “4 Your Eyez Only” was J. Cole’s seventh album. His first album was released in 2007 and was titled “The Come Up.” In 2014, J. Cole released an album titled “2014 Forest Hills Drive,” which received three Grammy nominations.
     Horton said, “ ‘2014 Forest Hills Drive’ is one of the best hip hop albums ever. Don’t get me wrong, I like ‘4 Your Eyez Only’, but I love ‘2014 Forest Hills Drive’.”
     Peyton Wiewel is a Freshman that does not enjoy rap music but is going to the Chance concert. She claims that J. Cole’s album is “scary” and “he is screaming at you in it.”
     This year, Chance the Rapper won three Grammys for his newest album, “Coloring Book.”
     Wiewel said, “Chance is more of a chill rapper, his songs are easier to vibe to. That is why I am going to his concert instead of J. Cole’s. I like Chance’s style better.”
     Kaylee Taylor, a freshman who is attending the Chance concert, said she loves rap and listens to it non-stop.
    She said, “Personally, I like Chance’s style of music over J. Cole’s. Its is more catchy.”
     As for the concert venues, all three of them agreed that they enjoy outdoor summer concerts over indoor concerts. Chance the Rapper will be performing outside at The Providence Medical Center Amphitheatre and J. Cole will be inside at the Arvest Bank Theatre At The Midland.
     “The venue is just going to add to the good vibes of the concert. Plus, it will be warm outside and will make it so much better,” Taylor said.
     While some people would care about where the artist is playing, Horton disagrees.
     Horton said, “It shouldn’t matter where they are performing. All that matters is who is singing there and how good the ticket prices are.”
     It is all about preference when it comes to choosing which concert to attend.
     Taylor said, “Look, it is all about what you like to listen to more. When it comes down to who is a better artist, all I am saying is that Chance has won three Grammys, while J.Cole hasn’t won any.”
     Whether it is the Chance the Rapper concert or the J. Cole concert, South students are excited to experience the artist’s music while dancing and singing their hearts out.