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Sting Comments on Media-Hating Time at Concert

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     On Thursday, February 16, Sting performed a concert at Uptown Theater in Kansas City as part of his 57th and 6th Tour. I had the pleasure of attending.
     The concert was entirely too exciting to sum up or try to explain the roller coaster of emotions that the audience felt that night. From anticipation to happiness to disgust because the woman beside you thought that her farts were being drowned out by the music when in reality, you could both hear and smell them.
I will instead focus on my favorite part of the whole affair, the last song of the night. My feet hurt, the smell of beer was overpowering, and I was trying so hard to edge away from the woman next to me but sadly, there was no success. Sting went off stage and returned with a stool and an acoustic guitar, forgoing his electric for the moment.
     “I like to end things with something quiet and thoughtful so you can go home quiet and thoughtful,” Sting laughed.
     He began to talk about this documentary he had been presented with called “Jim: The James Foley Story.” A film about an American photojournalist who was beheaded by ISIS. The documentary is nominated for an Oscar in 2017. He recalls being asked to compose a song for the film, to which he replied, “No f*cking way. I can’t write a song [for it]. It’s too intense.”
     Sting says he went home that night deep in thought about the family of the American photojournalist. He imagined what he would have done if one of his children had gone away for any reason and somehow couldn’t come back to him. Sting recalls thinking that he might’ve left a place at the table or an empty chair so that “they can come and fill it someday.” Sting says he wrote that song that night.
“This is important in an time where journalist are under attack, where truth itself is under attack. The song is called the Empty Chair,” said Sting.
    As an aspiring journalist, of course in this time of hating the media and everything being ousted as “fake news,” I had begun to feel disheartened by my choice in career. Hearing Sting speak these words was extremely powerful to me. I truly hope that this film wins that Oscar next Sunday, and gets the recognition it deserves, because it spoke volumes to me, a journalist at heart.


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