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Popping the Question

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Sparkly dresses and so much hairspray when you walk, you crunch. No matter how you come to the Courtwarming dance you’re in for a beautiful surprise. Coming alone is great too but a night under the stars wouldn’t be any fun without a few Courtwarming proposals. A cute sign and some candy can always go a long way.

Sometimes dates don’t work out but friends are always there for you. Julia Vap didn’t let it get her down.

She said, “I asked a dude but when he canceled I was upset and my friends knew this so we all decided that we’d go together and I had the best night of my life with my friends.”

Showing out is even better when you have your friends by your side.

Vap said, “I wasn’t worried or scared. Maddie is very accepting and I knew she would come with me to take pictures and be the best ‘date’ for the night that I could ever ask for.”

Friends are always easier to let loose with and joke with.

When things do work out it can be a wonderful night too, in Adrian Washington’s case just that happened. Washington had gone with one of his close friends who was a girl too.

He was surprised when she asked.

Washington said, “Yes actually, but it was a good surprise. We have a night to look forward to full of pictures and me and my best guy friend have matching outfits with each other so my group is a good group to go with.”

So all in all whether you got asked or didn’t, the night will be filled with laughing, sparkles, hairspray and, of course, friendship.