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LEAD Innovation Studio–More Opinions


LEAD innovation studio spurred many questions and concerns from parents and students. Opinions vary from ‘best idea ever’, to ‘how is this ever going to work’

The foreign languages will be available at the Stud but maybe not the way students are used to them. There is a possibility of virtual foreign languages.

“I definitely think it is going to be a different dynamic. Personally I need a face-to-face connection when talking in Spanish. I’m interested to see what they’ll do,” Said Amanda Roth, Spanish teacher at South. 


The new atmosphere is a good option for students to have. Everyone learns best in a different environment, so it’s nice to have a choice.

“I would like to see how the first year of the program goes. Personally I like the social nature of High School, so I wouldn’t want to lose those aspects,” said Ty Rouse, freshman.

“It provides for students that need a different environment and different motivation,” Said Daniel Amata, future educator at LEAD. 


The idea for LEAD is that students will be most prepared for real world problem solving, and accurate business experiences. The students will have mentors that stay with them all four years.

“I think the LEAD program will complement professional studies. I see it as a start for students to build a professional lens. It allows students to connect their content learning and their professional self,” said Stephanie Amaya, director of Professional Studies. 


All in all, everyone holds a different personal opinion on the program, but there is no arguing that it’s a necessary option for students.