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Down, but Not Out

Imagine being on the field, down by 21 points with the season on the line. That’s exactly how this varsity season went. It was one of the best in several years, ending with a 10-2 record after a loss to Staley. For players like Alec Bonokowski 11th and Payton Murray 10th this was their chance to make their stand for the varsity team and maybe become a stud and not a dud and maybe an even bigger chance for Kellen Danielson a freshman that was called up to JV this year trying to get called up to varsity.
Bonokowski is a varsity/JV defensive back and he talked about how he thought the varsity season went.
“Great! 10-2 and we should have beat Staley just not everyone’s head was there,” he said.
Bonokowski also talked about if varsity will have a repeat season next year.
“If we worked hard enough then yeah, but we are losing a lot of great players at the end of the season,” he said.
Jake Springer, senior, was the best player this season, according to Bonokowski.
If South puts in the same amount of work, they could repeat this season, according to Murray.
To do so, he said the whole team will have to be the best player they can be next year and will have to work as a unit.
Danielson was a freshman this year that was called up to JV and is most likely going to start next year. Danielson talked about how his first year as a high school football player went
I was very excited coming into the season and was very happy with the results of our season I mean 6-2 was pretty good he said
So according to Murray and Bonokowski, the Panthers will in fact have a repeat season as long as they work as hard as they worked last season.
The Panthers worked themselves to the breaking point and in their final game everyone needed to have their head in the game. Not all of them did and that unfortunately ended up giving us the loss.