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Film “Risen” has Risen

The PG-13 mystery/ drama film, “Risen”, came out on Feb. 19, 2016. Receiving a 52 percent review on Rotten Tomatoes, I was deeply surprised by the score when I saw the movie. Though this movie came out in February, I watched it on Oct. 29, the was a film free on STARZ. I never knew when the movie would come out or had seen any trailers until October.

“Risen” is a movie that tells the timeless story of Jesus’ death and resurrection from the point of view of a Roman military tribune, Clavius (Joseph Fiennes). During the film after Jesus (Cliff Curtis) is executed, the Romans find that the body disappeared and throughout the film they try to find Jesus. Clavius searches for Jesus and goes on many adventures to find that Jesus came back from the dead.

Actor Joseph Fiennes played Clavius very well, his acting in the battle was remarkable and the scenes with Jesus. Fiennes was a very mature actor in this film and I believe that’s why this film was put well together.

Cliff Curtis was another actor that did a remarkable job while playing Jesus, throughout the film Curtis’s role was very calming and soothing. The scene where Jesus kills the man with tuberculosis was a very calming scene, my favorite in the film.

This movie was filled with mystery and adventure, I thought that although it was a great film there were some difficulties understanding it. “Risen” was based on the Bible. In this film I felt that you had to read the Bible to get a full understanding of the story. I have not read the Bible and throughout the film I had a lot of questions.

Though the film was hard to understand the setting of the “Risen” was very pleasing, I felt that the setting had the right feeling of living in 33 AD. In the beginning of the movie, it starts with a morning battle with a group of zealots led by Barabbas. During the battle I enjoyed how they used the technique of having all the soldiers huddle up together with their shields to fight. This was a technique the Romans did long ago.

During this film you followed the footsteps of Clavius searching for the body, I enjoyed the scene when Clavius sees Jesus for the first time, his eyes and how he almost faints was a special moment in the story. The lighting in the scene was also very intriguing; during the scene it had a calming light and the view of Jesus was really soft and soothing lighting.

The film score was by Roque Baños López, and fit well into the movie with some drama parts and some peaceful moments throughout the movie.

Overall the film “Risen” was a little confusing the film but overall I believe that this film deserved more than a 52 percent rating. My percentage over Risen would be an 87 percent because the movie was confusing but there were a lot of good things about the film. With all the pros toward this film with the actors, film score and setting this movie was well put together by director, Kevin Reynolds.