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Everyone has felt like a Peculiar Child at least once in their Life

From the director of “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, “The Corpse Bride”, and “Edward Scissorhands”, comes “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.” Tim Burton is known for stories that captivate the audience with interesting characters and effects and he definitely succeeded with his latest film.

Asa Butterfield, (Jake), perfectly portrays the awkward people we all were in high school. After he got labelled as the kid who believes in monsters and children with special abilities, there was no going back.

As a kid, Jake had a strong connection with his grandfather, Abe Portman (Terrence Stamp), who told him stories of the home he was sent to during WWII. He told tales of a girl that was as light as air, a boy that was filled with bees, and a young girl that was as strong as ten men.

Now a teenager, Jake takes care of his grandfather, who is labelled as crazy because he tells stories of how he fought monsters during the war. The grandfather reminds me of my own because I was closer with my grandfather than my own father. One day Jake finds his grandfather with his eyes clawed out, telling him to see Miss Peregrine, the woman who ran his children’s home.

Jake and his distant father make their way to Scotland to discover that the house had been bombed ages ago. When Jake returns alone, he enter a time loop into Sept. 3, 1943. He meets all of his grandfather’s friends that haven’t aged a bit.

As Jake learns that his grandfather’s stories are true, he finally begins to understand himself and make some friends along the way. He and the other children are tested when the enemy that killed his grandfather returns. The enemy (Samuel L Jackson) is a creepy old man with no eyes that spooked me a lot.

With never ending surprises and effects that make a girl floating seem real, this movie is captivating for anyone.

Because I was captivated by the story, acting, and special effects, this movie gets a 5 star rating.