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Doggos in Parkville

I’m sure most people are aware of the awesome dog park in downtown Kansas City, but has anyone ever thought to make one on the other side of the river? Now they’ve finally done it! Platte County’s newest park opened in downtown parkville; dangerously close to the ever-so-popular English Landing Park. There are several ammenities to ‘Platte Landing Park’ such as a two mile walking trail, a board walk, and finally, a dog park! A seven acered fenced in area where dogs can run and (hopefully if your dog is like mine) burn off a ton of energy. It comes with a “small dog area” and a “large dog area” just in case little Fido gets intimidated… In the front gate lays a handy box with the sign “give a toy, take a toy” and communal tennis balls and ropes strewn about the area. Inside the park is a gravel walking trail for those muddy days owners would like to avoid the grass, and a few cozy pinic tables and benches for taking a load off. I don’t know about everyone else but to me dog parks are the best, and there’s FINALLY one closer by. So if you’re feeling up to it head down to Platte Landing Park, bring your doggo, and socialize with all the other happy doggos. You won’t regret it!

Platte Landing Dog Park:
Aquired from the Platte County Parks and Recreation Website. Not taken or published by PHS or PHS View Staff