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The Managerial Approach

Football is a team sport. The teams– Varsity and Freshmen alike –all depend on one another to have each other’s backs. A team is like a second family, and the most recognized in that family happens to be the players making names for themselves on their playing fields.

Basketball is exactly the same way. Teams depend on one another as a whole and individually for emotional and physical support when playing the sport. The tight-knit community sports teams have is something that’s been marveled by spectators for years.

However, within this family is a person (or people) who helps take care of them. This previously unnamed “background character” happens to be the team’s manager.

The basketball and football teams share a manager in their respective seasons, and her name is Bethany Conley. Conley has devoted her freshmen and sophomore year to inspiring and bettering the teams she takes care of alongside South’s coaches.

“Being a manager means that I’m part of the team instead of just being a random girl on the field or the court,” Conley explains. “I also feel like I have 60 older brothers from football and 20 best friends from the basketball team.”

During South’s football season in 2016 Conley has seen the boys through their victories and losses, standing with them while they reverse their record last year to a 7-1 on their wins. She does random equipment runs for football practices and handles their stats and equipment. Conley manages to take care of them while she balances external activities on the side. Basketball is the same way for her.

“In basketball, I just see the girls as some really good friends,” Conley says, “because we hang out from November through March, and we talk to each other a lot.”

Conley strongly encourages other people to join a team and become a manager.

“There’s a lot of scholarship opportunities that go along with being a manager,” she says, “and also? Being involved in things is really great!”