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Sweating Senior Year

Sweat drips down his face as he backs up into the goal, nervously waiting as the other team kicks and passes the ball down the field to score. As the other team kicks the ball for a goal, Noah jumps up and catches the ball.

“Being a senior on varsity is probably the best thing because you are pretty much the star, like you get a lot of attension”, said Noah Brizendine, senior goalkeeper.

Brizendine has played soccer since he was eight and has played all four years of high school. Freshman year he played C-team, sophomore year he played JV and was co-captain and junior and senior he played Varsity.

“I saw my brother play soccer one day and I thought it looked fun so I tried it out and I’ve been in love with it ever since,” said Brizendine.

Many people have noticed the increase of skill level Brizendine has continued to develop over the past four years. His teammate Isaiah McGilcrist, junior, has built a relationship with Brizendine.

“Noah has improved a lot over just the past the two years; he’s more acrobatic and better foot skills. When he leaves the team we will miss him a lot and our team will struggle with a goalie,” said McGilcrist, junior.

Brizendine not only built a relationship with McGilcrist, but with many other people on the team. Senior year for Brizendine was by far his favorite, and even though he doesn’t plan on pursuing the sport of soccer at a college level, he will always remember the sweat dripping down his face, waiting in the goal to make sure the opponent team doesn’t score.