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Soccer’s a Ball

As he dribbles the ball down the field, he hears the yelling from his teammates, the crowd cheering and the noise of the whistle from the referee.

Isaiah Mcgilchrist, junior, is always practicing for soccer and waking in the early morning to get up and play soccer with his two teams.

Mcgilchrist didn’t decide to play soccer; his mom made him join a sport, which happened to be soccer when he was at the age of 7.

The reason he kept with soccer as he kept getting older was because he was good at it.

“It keeps me busy, active, and in shape which was what I wanted,” he said.

Mcgilchrist said he believes that he will play soccer in college because his dad played in college and always was trying to help him to improve.

“I don’t want to let my dad down after all these years of practice,” said Mcgilchrist.

South’s JV soccer team’s record for the 2016 year is at 19-0 currently, which Mcgilchrist believes that they will be undefeated for the rest of the year.

Mcgilchrist also explained that high school soccer brought closer relationships between the teammates and his closer friends.

“Team bonding for soccer brought us closer because it helped us open up and bond more outside of soccer,” he said.

Mcgilchrist thinks that he will also keep up with soccer outside of school for his club team, the legends, too, because “it keeps me busy on the off season.”

Many people have noticed Mcgilchrist improving in soccer throughout the three-years of him playing soccer, especially his coach, Coach Chris Farmer.

Farmer said, “He does a great job, he’s a great team player and makes the players around him better.”

Farmer thinks Mcgilchrist could make varsity by his senior year next year, and probably would have this year if it wasn’t for the 19 seniors on the team.

”Isaiah got caught in the back log,” he said.

Mcgilchrist was asked to sit with the varsity players on the bench in their next few games, and was also asked to go to Districts with the team, which made Mcgilchrist want to stick with the yelling from his teammates, the cheering of the crowd, and the whistles from the referee.