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Raytown Soccer Goes Down

Park Hill South destroyed Raytown with a final score of 10-0 on Oct. 19. It was also senior night with 20 seniors being recognized.

“I couldn’t stop smiling,” said Noah Brizendine, senior goalkeeper of the varsity team.

The entire game except for the last 13 minutes was played exclusively by seniors. One of the seniors recognized, Elijah Brizendine, couldn’t play because of injuries in both his junior and senior years.

“I love hanging out with my friends on the field,” said Tyler Pisoni.

Within the first two minutes of the game, Pisoni scored against Raytown goalie with an assist from senior Adam Frazier. This would be his first of three goals.

“The captains are always pumping everybody up and are always the last to leave,” said Carson Lindsey, sophomore.

The captains this year are Noah Anderson, Colton Smith, and Dan Geary.

By the end of the half, South was winning 4-0. The dance team, stars of the halftime show, were greeted with cheering by the excited crowd.

Almost immediately after the second half, Middle and Forward Ryan Dibernardo scored the fifth goal of the game. Dibernardo had a successful game with multiple goals.

This game was a chance for all of the seniors to see how far they have come.

“It was great to see my progression through soccer at Park Hill South,” said Brizendine.

At the end of four years, every senior has survived cuts, extreme weather conditions, and long hours on the field to make it onto the Varsity team.

“We needed the win against Raytown. When we are happy and excited, we always play well,” said Pisoni.

Sophomore Mark Allred was brought in as goalkeeper with 14 minutes to go. He only touched the ball three times because the action was consistently at the opponent’s goal.

With two minutes to go, Chase Hoffman scored the winning goal and enacted the mercy rule. This was Hoffman’s only consistent year on Varsity.

“Senior night was the best because I could take it all in and realize that it’s coming to an end,” said Brizendine.

The Varsity continues to the postseason on Oct. 25, 2016.