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A Different Kind of Present

When Ivy Schank turned 16, she decided to get a tattoo

When sophomore Ivy Schank turned 16, she asked for a present that could not be wrapped.

“An arrow can only be shot by being first pulled backward,” said Schank.  “If life was pulling me back, I’m just gonna be shot to something greater”

This was her inspiration for getting her tattoo.

Schank said that she had been wanting to get this tattoo for a while and she had talked to her friend, Eden Black, sophomore, a lot about it.

Black said, “She said that she’d wanted it for a couple of years now and, you know, she already knew what she wanted.  We talked about it a lot before she got it.”

Even though she wanted it for a while, Schank was still worried about getting it.  She felt that her nerves were calmed down when she knew that Black would be with her.

Schank said, “She brought comedic relief into it.  She made it less serious.”

Even though Schank was nervous, others thought that she didn’t really show it.  Black thought that she was more nervous about it than Schank was.

“I thought something would go wrong, I thought that she wouldn’t like it, or she’d change her mind the day of,” said Black.  “It turned out really good.  The design is really clean, the lines are really straight.  She had a really good artist, and she really likes it.”

Schank was also nervous when she was asking her parents about it, but she thought that they took it surprisingly well.  
“I just kind of, like casually brought it up and my mom was like, yeah that’s cool and my dad just didn’t really care,” said Schank

Schank has noticed that some people don’t think that anyone should get a tattoo when you are this young, but she doesn’t agree with them.

“I like it and that’s all that matters,” said Schank. “There’s always going to be haters, but like, I don’t really care because I have people that will support me and do and those other people don’t matter.”

In the future, Schank thinks that she would get another small tattoo. She already has an idea for one, but she wants to wait until she is 18 to get it. Black also thinks that she would get a tattoo in the future, but she said she wants to wait as well.

Schank asked for a present that could not be wrapped, but she will always have it with her.