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What Do People Think About The iOS 10 Update?

Recently Apple has released their newest iPhones, as well as a new software update. Some new accessories on the update include: new emojis, new features for texting, and a new lock screen.

The update was first available on Sept. 13, but had some mess ups in the beginning. According to some, once they downloaded the update, their phones/tablets froze.

Some students who have updated their phones discussed whether they would rather go back to the old update or not.

Andi Freese, freshman, said “Yeah, I downloaded it, it really sucks.”

Dani Cuervo, freshman, said that she liked most of the new features except a couple.

Cuervo said, “The only thing I don’t like about the new update is the emojis.”

Unfortunately, some students like Julio Velazquez, sophomore, didn’t really want to update their phones though.

“I had to update my phone because it kept jacking up,” he said.

Even though there are some negative opinions, others do like the new features.

Cuervo said that she really enjoys the new iMessage update where you can “spice” up your message, and really make it pop.

Though there are good things and bad things about the new updates, Apple is continuing to work on fixes for any problems.