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Gold to Sticker

South changed its system from gold cards to stickers

A new card system was introduced this year.  This was because they wanted all students to be able to achieve their goals instead of achieving a goal that the school set for them.  The new system also got rid of attendance related worries.

Some people like that you can personalize your goal. Others don’t like the new system for reasons such as a person with higher grades does not have any more freedom than someone with worse grades, or that they don’t have the same travel privileges as they did in the previous years.

Bethany Conley, sophomore, takes some AP classes and cannot travel, even with a pass, to the classes that she needs help with in order to earn a sticker.

“I don’t like it because when you take upper level classes it’s hard to meet expectations,” said Conley.

Even with a sticker, sophomores Alex Sayre and Ivy Schank have similar thoughts.  They wish that students could travel on Fridays, and they want to work in the hallways instead of being forced to go to the commons.

Schank said, “I think people play it safe so that they have a better shot at getting a sticker, but I think that this is a good thing because you never know what’s gonna happen later in the semester.”

Teachers like that it promotes goal setting, but students don’t always set the appropriate goals; they set goals that are below what they know they can achieve so they can get a sticker.

“It depends on how they make their goals, and how important they are to them,” said Alicia Walker, social studies.

The goals are a change that make it more personalized to each individual.

Sayre believes that it is better to not have as much pressure to achieve something you may not be able to achieve. She also likes that you don’t have to worry about missing school affecting your card.

School officials are planning to make a few changes and continue with this card system next year.