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Are Computers Hurting or Helping South?

South has kicked off the new school year with a few new features, including brand new computers for each student in every grade. Between students and teachers at South, everybody has a different opinion.

Junior Danielle Beaubien had a lot to say about the computers and how the classes are run now.

“I think that South should just get rid of the computers because of all the problems students are having,” Beaubien said. “Mine has issues all the time. The internet doesn’t connect, the touchscreen or fingerprint lock won’t work, sometimes it doesn’t even turn on.”

She believed the computers were hurting grades because, “they allow teachers to assign more homework that can easily be erased or lost on a computer.”

Markese Winters said although he only used the computer in a few of his classes, he still had issues with his.

“Sometimes the screen turns black and takes forever to log on, but I think they’re helpful to grades and it’s easier to communicate with teachers outside of school,” Winters said.

If he could change anything about the computers, he would take off the restrictions on some of the apps.

“Youtube is just censored and I think it should be taken off so that kids can listen to the music they want,” Winters said.

Ian Cunliff, English, said he didn’t think they were an improvement or a problem to the academic process here at South, only that they are another piece of technology to use. Yet, he still said he preferred paper over technology.

“I like paper more because it’s real, it exists, it’s tangible. Submitting work over computers can be risky because it can be lost and then you have issues over if the student really did the work or not,” Cunliff said.

Although they help and he uses them in every class, he think there are still too many problems with the laptops.

“There’s always an issue,” Cunliff said. “One of my students always has something wrong with them and I send them down to tech. But then someone else has an issue, and it’s a cycle.”