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Pumped Up Kicks

Shoes can be overlooked very easily in fashion but for many they are the main attraction. Shoe collectors will take drastic measures to get their hands on the next exclusive pair. Whether this means waiting in line for hours or emptying your wallet, adding the shoe to your shelve and feet can make it all worth it. This is the case for shoe super fan Jack Smoyer.


Smoyer, a Junior, has been a huge fan of shoe collecting every since he first got his hands on a pair of Jordan’s at age 12.


Smoyer said, “In sixth grade I had a pair of all black Jordan 1’s… that’s what really started it all for me.”


From there on he has scouted out and hunted down many prestigious shoes. Although many of these shoes can be demanding on the wallet, sneaker heads will go out of their way to grab ‘em off the shelves.


Sometimes getting to these shoes can require days of research months before their actual release. For Smoyer and many others it is all worth it once they have the shoes laced up on their feet.


This elite shoe industry was made so popular in part through the style and luxury look enveloped by the hip hop culture. This was the case for Smoyer, as his longing to collect all began from its ties with fame.


Smoyer said, “It began through whenever I was younger and getting into hip hop and how most of the rappers have a big interest in shoes and fashion.”


Jordan, an extension of Nike, backed by Michael Jordan, produces some of the most looked after shoes in the business. Jordan has mastered the art of shoe making. Many of the world’s most famous rappers can be seen sporting his shoes.


Smoyer said, “My all time favorite shoe has gotta be the White Cement Jordan 3’s with the Nike Air on the rear. It is a super clean style.”


Shoe collecting has become a lifestyle for many including Smoyer. This hobby doesn’t come without a little work and research though. In order to get your hands on some of the shoe exclusives you must be on top of the game. It’s important to get a head start by keeping up with release dates and resale value. You also need to know where to shop.


Smoyer said, “Really just seeing whatever I like online, release dates, and following people who tweet out shoes soon to drop.”


Like many other collectors, once you start it can be hard to stop. As the shoe boxes begin to stagger filling the closets with pumped up kicks, shoe collectors will tell you that they can never have enough.


Gage Morrow, Junior, a friend of Jack, said, “Jack Smoyer has tons of sneakers, he is obsessed about them!”