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Coffee Shops That Are Good for Studying


By this point in the semester it can help to get out of the house to get some studying done or meet to work on a group project. There’s a few relaxing study spots with comfy seats, free wifi, and plenty of snacks just short a short distance from South.


Kaldi’s Coffee

4115 North Mulberry DriveKaldi's Coffee

Kansas City, MO 64116


Kaldi’s Coffee, located in Briarcliff Village, is a cozy and quiet place perfects for focusing on homework. Even when it gets busy there are little disruptions that could distract you. A unique feature of Kaldi’s is their private conference/studying room that can be reserved. Their employees are really nice and helpful. They have delicious smoothies to go along with your homework if you do not like coffee, but their Mint Lattè is another great option because they make their own mint syrup. Kaldi’s Coffee is fairly small and is best for studying on your own rather than meeting to work on a project with someone, unless you reserve the separate room. The view of downtown from this coffee shop is beautiful and adds to its cute decor.


Caribou Coffee

6370 North Lucerne

Kansas City, MO 64151Caribou Coffee

(816) 587-8648

Caribou Coffee, in Burlington Creek, is another option if you are looking for a place to get some studying done. It does not have a ton of seating, but for the most part that does not become an issue because only a few of the people who stop in stay to work. The great thing about Caribou is that they have lots of drink and snack options. Their pastries are always a delicious treat while you’re working. I would recommend Caribou
for working on homework rather than studying for a test because it is less quiet and private.

“ I like Caribou because it’s close, has good deals because I have the app, and their coffee is good. The setting overall is nice too,” said Carolyn Stock, a junior.


Parkville Coffee

103 Main St,

Parkville, MO 64152

(816) 216-6560Parkville 2

Parkville Coffee has an amazing location in Downtown Parkville right on Main Street. It has really cool, unique decor and furniture. The atmosphere at this coffee shop is still relaxing but also a little more lively, especially when they get busy. They have a diverse menu with anything you may want to accompany your studying. Parkville Coffee usually has more people just enjoying their coffee and visiting than studying. My absolute favorite part about this place is the upstairs. Usually, very few people are upstairs so it is quiet and there is plenty of seating. It makes a great place to study alone or meet a group for a project and work right above Main Street.

Duke Maddox, a freshman who came to each coffee shop with me, said, “ I liked Parkville Coffee the best because it was easy to do my homework there and it had a cool atmosphere.”