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Sports Movies Win Big

There are many different genres of movies, but sports movies are liked by many people, whether it’s based on a true story, or a comedy.

Sadie Skinner, freshman, who is also a major sports fan, says that she really likes sports. She said that her favorite one is “Little Giants.” It is about a man who has felt inferior to his brother since their childhood, and is convinced to start a rival team. Unfortunately, the city can only have one team.

Skinner said that she likes that movie because it’s a comedy, has team building and has commotion between a boy and a girl.

Brady Smith, freshman, says that he is fine with sports movies, as long as he likes the movie.

“As long as they have a good plot and they’re funny, I’ll like them,” Smith said.

Smith’s favorite sports movie is called “The Sandlot.” It is about a boy who gets his stepdad’s signed baseball over a fence while playing baseball with a group of friends, and has trouble trying to get the ball back.

He said that he likes that movie because he thinks it is really funny. His favorite part of the movie is when one of the kids says to another kid, ‘You play ball like a girl’.

Winston Penrob, freshman, says that he isn’t a huge fan of sports movies. He was never really into sports.

“I don’t like them because I could never really relate to them,” he said.

Penrob says that he likes to relate to movies because he prefers to have a personal understanding about what’s going on. Because he was never really into sports, he can’t really relate to sports movies.

Payton Havermann, freshman, says that he likes to watch sports movies because he is a huge sports fan, and he prefers to watch them over regular movies.

“They are fun to watch because there’s a lot more action than most movies,” he said.

Havermann’s favorite sports movie called “Talladega Nights.” It is about Ricky Bobby, one of the best drivers in NASCAR history, whose luxurious life takes an unexpected turn. He really likes that movie because he thinks it’s hilarious.

So whether it’s a sports comedy, or based on a true story, sports movies are a favorite of many people.